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Starts:  January 20, 2020   

1. Academic Essay Writing

2. Grammar C1/C2 

These are two separate courses often taken together


Academic Essay Writing

  • This course will give you a complete understanding of how to structure and write an academic essay. 
  • We’ll start off by examining how to write effective introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions. 
  • Then you’ll learn how to write six types of an academic essay. 
  • The course is based on the materials I’ve compiled from the best authentic textbooks. 
  • I proofread all your work and give constructive feedback. 
  • Duration: 4 months 

           Course Curriculum

  • Week 1 – Introduction
  • Week 2 – Body Paragraphs
  • Week 3 – Conclusion
  • Week 4 – Putting it all together
  • Week 5 – Argumentative Essay (prewriting activities) 
  • Week 6 – Argumentative Essay
  • Week 7 – Cause and Effect Essay (prewriting activities) 
  • Week 8 – Cause and Effect Essay
  • Week 9 – Comparison and Contrast Essay (prewriting activities) 
  • Week 10 – Comparison and Contrast Essay 
  • Week 11 – Problem-Solution Essay (prewriting activities) 
  • Week 12 – Problem-Solution Essay
  • Week 13 – Summary-Response Essay (prewriting activities) 
  • Week 14 – Summary-Response Essay
  • Week 15 – Narrative Essay (prewriting activities) 
  • Week 16 – Narrative Essay


Google Classroom
Sample assignment
IELTS Marking Criteria

Advanced Grammar C1/C2

This course is based on brilliant grammar book My Grammar Lab C1/C2

The studies involve:

  • Weekly assignments with deadlines
  • Self-study of the grammar book units 
  • Completion of my writing assignments 

For my part, I answer all your questions in the telegram chat, and I proofread all the writing assignments. 

Duration: 10 months 


Google Classroom
Telegram Chat
Assignment Sample

The courses are held in Google Classroom. The assignments are posted Wednesdays at 8.00. They are to be submitted in a google doc by next Wednesday. 

What the students are saying

Аня Пахомова
Аня Пахомова
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I'd like to say a big thank you to Anna for creating the course and curating it in such a thorough, timely, and motivating way. The whole course is carefully planned so as not to become overwhelming, the grammar drills are nicely balanced out by the bite-size creative writing tasks that help you gain better control of the constructions, internalize them. The presentation of the essay writing theory is not only comparable, but superior to that of many IELTS and CAE textbooks I've worked with. Writing the actual essays becomes a pleasantly exciting experience, seeing that you're provided with a crystal-clear template and encouraged to do your research before getting to write it. I can safely say that not only have I brushed up on my grammar and writing skills, but also dug deeper into many areas interest that the essay topics touched upon.
Алиса Черникова
Алиса Черникова
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The two things I most appreciate about the course are the structure and the assignments. The course is indeed well structured - the choice of the book is excellent - which worked to my advantage and somehow motivated me not only to do the course tasks themselves, but also to persevere with my self-study too. The assignments created by Anna are ispirational, relevant and clear. I really enjoyed the fact that they varied, too! It felt as if I was doing a combination of courses really because we did a bit of creative writing, grammar, essay writing and exam preparation. I successfully finished the essay writing course and I am extremely grateful to Anna for running it, it's been a real pleasure! 🤓 Looking forward to new projects!
Наталі Бойко
Наталі Бойко
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I recommend this course to everyone who wants to improve their English! It's a very well organized and structured course with interesting tasks! I really enjoyed studying with Anna. She is an amazing teacher! I've attended the course for 2 months and it helped me to understand a lot of stuff. I really want to thank you for this course. You are a great teacher! It is always a pleasure to study with you! Undoubtedly, this course is better organized than my uni course. I wish my English teachers at uni were like you!
Мария Мельчакова
Мария Мельчакова
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I like the choice of a study book (MyGrammarlab). Anna's explanation of unclear moments were extremely helpful. The second part was writing. I'm totally satisfied with materials provided as they were elaborate and well-structured. The load is moderate.