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Advanced English Course
Based on TV-series

Phrasal verbs, idioms, grammar

About the course

This vocabulary course is based on the TV series Bodyguard. It contains six modules, each highlighting advanced vocabulary used in six episodes of the show. The lessons are followed by tests, reading and vocabulary exercises.

25 lessons in
6 modules

39 idioms

52 phrasal verbs

You will like this course if

  • You love watching series in English but still have problems understanding the dialogues 100%
  • If you feel that you miss parts of dialogue that contain idioms and phrasal verbs
  • If you like learning new words and expressions
  • If you enjoy learning on your own
  • If you love British TV shows and would like to enjoy them without subtitles

About the series

After helping to stop a terrorist attack, a war veteran is assigned to protect a politician who was a main proponent of the very conflict he fought in.

What you need for this course:

A way to watch this series online, either on Netflix, or any other online platform

You might want to print out some of the worksheets

You can access course materials on any device (laptop, tablet, phone)

What’s inside

Once you buy the course, you’ll be taken to the learning platform that you’ll be able to access any time on any device.

Course Creator

My name’s Anna. I’ve been using TV-series to teach English for many years. I’ve taught hundreds of students and helped them achieve various goals. I’ve always loved using authentic materials, but series are the best. It’s such a wonderful way to work on listening skills and boost your vocabulary. I’ve learnt how to create tasks that turn passive watching into an active learning process. I’m sure you’ll enjoy working with the tasks as much as I loved creating them.